Be Confident… Be Accepting


WOW – Accepting everything you are, and aren’t… Then that is when you will truly succeed! Now that hits home for me! I honestly think that we can all take away something from this message – in whatever way we want to look at it – be it sobriety, or other lifestyle and health choices. The path we choose will be ours to own and I am owning mine.

I had another tough day today – dealing with huge financial stressers and trying to figure out how to work through them and then dealing with my 12 year old (more self-harm and being out without letting me know where she was, and more talk about issues at school which I’ll have to deal with tomorrow). 

I felt like drinking but I didn’t and the craving came and went without a fight because I’m not counting anymore but rather ‘balancing’ things. I am accepting who I truly am and who I am not. I am not that person who can achieve what YOU can. I am on my own path of discovery and perhaps figuring out like a new explorer – ways of tackling this issue differently. 

I know many will say – but your previous blogs and statements (heck even I look back on some blogs and wonder lol) … you are contradicting yourself or fooling yourself, but I truly believe that I’m on a different plane if you will. Travelling towards the same destiny but taking a different route. Mapping my way through some rough times by navigating with different tools and resources. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment to address some possible physical issues that have been affecting my ‘spirit’ and mood. I also hope to address the pain I’ve been experiencing in my joints so that I can get back into a regular exercise routine. I also wonder about figuring out my whole hormonal shifts in all of this too. Hopefully the blood work will give me some answers. 

So I’m closing off another day – while tough and challenging on some fronts – successful in managing and coping without the aid of booze, but rather turning to my writing for solace. Thanks for listening. 

4 thoughts on “Be Confident… Be Accepting

  1. Sorry that things are still rough there, H. I am also happy to see that you didn’t drink over them either 🙂 Like I’ve said before – this is your path, your journey. We all have ours. It’s not for me to say what is “right” or what isn’t. We all go through what we need to go through, and I feel that we are where The Big Cheese wants us to be at. Doesn’t mean we get complacent or don’t do any heavy lifting, but what works for one person may not for another.
    Don’t beat yourself up about it.

    Glad to see you’re still here and doing what serves you best right now.


  2. bizi says:

    I hope you rest tonight YOu have a big day to face tomorrow.


  3. You are totally right…we all have to go through life dealing with things our own way. I hope your day tomorrow goes well. xxxx

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