Learn to Dance

Learn to Dance

I have not been AF for a while now… and yet I know I’m not done this dance of life. I am looking at it as the dance that it is – learning the steps until I master them.

December has been a very difficult month for me and it hit me out of the blue with the deaths of a few close friends/family. I also see it as an opportunity to appreciate LIFE more and what I do have every single day.

I’ve been battling depression with my life circumstances – financial woes, holiday blues, difficulties with my teens… but I’m not giving up hope. 2014 brings about new life – a new moon, new beginnings. I am going to continue my lessons until I master this dance of life and feel the real rhythm that is LIFE and LOVE!


2 thoughts on “Learn to Dance

  1. Elle says:

    You can do this!
    This year we will be dancing like experts 🙂

  2. Erika says:

    Way to go! Optimism and positivism is the only way to go in life. We’re with you. Sending you the best vibe!!

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