Days 6 & 7 – AF June 2015


What a full day I had yesterday – indeed keeping busy and being of service to others takes the cravings away. I woke up at 5am – checked my emails and then did a 30 mins workout to start the day. Then it was time to de-clutter and organize my bf’s office. I think I’ve found a new love to help others de-clutter their spaces. We worked at it all day and it felt so good.

When I drink I tend to not do much. I look around at things to do and because I’m drinking don’t get to them and then there’s a build up … and it is an energy sucker!

I have been feeling great now on my 7th day into my 30 day goal to stay AF.

I ended the day yesterday volunteering at our children’s telethon – which also happens to be my workplace. I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful organization and being able to give back and help made me feel so great.

All in all a super productive and great feeling day!


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