June Reset – Half Time


Well I did not bad on the first half – 9 days AF but then day 10 to 14th were drinking days. Today’s a fresh start and my ‘second half’ if you will of my Reset! I will not let the last few days deter me from making this a successful overall month.

My goal is to reset my habits to healthier and more moderate ones – and the last few days are a reminder to me of the WHY I’m doing this. I’m up 3lbs from last Monday’s weigh in – proof in the pudding that drinks and weight loss don’t work together.

I have to seek out what I will gain by doing this – not fearing the ‘loss’ of not being able to do things, but rather all that I’ll feel like doing with my progress. I have photos I see of me – and I’m not happy with what I see (in the weight gain/gutt) and so only I can make the change.

Here’s to a new week and better second half to the month of June – I will need to be strong when the ‘witching hour’ calls this afternoon – getting the Day 1 in again is always toughest. I can do this!



2 thoughts on “June Reset – Half Time

  1. Iambizi says:

    You can do this!

  2. Em says:

    You got this!

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