2016 Transformation/Change


It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I guess it’s because I haven’t been AF much … but as we near the end of this year, I’m reflecting and looking ahead to making many changes in the New Year.

2016 is going to be different! My goal begins with taking part in a 60 day challenge with the Master’s Hammer and Chisel (Beachbody) program. I’m at the heaviest I have been in ages and I know the alcohol is a major contributor. When I drink – I lose inhibitions and eat badly too and I lose motivation to workout.

I’m determined to make changes and while I’ve been enjoying the holidays and will do so until New Year’s Eve… come January 1st I’m getting ready to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. No looking back to past records – only going forward.

My life overall is pretty amazing these days! I have a wonderful job. I have private teaching jobs coming up. I have an amazing boyfriend who treats me better than I have ever been treated. There are some amazing changes coming up for me in 2016 and some adventures… A family trip to Barbados in April (one of the surprise gifts to my girls at xmas). A trip to Nashville in July for the Coach Summit. Moving in with my boyfriend at the end of August into his new home. And celebrating my 50th birthday on September 3rd … and my motto is Fit by 50 for 2016! It’s my golden year and I’m going for GOLD in every way! ‘Da booze will not have as much room in there as there are much better and brighter things ahead!