New Year – New Tools


I obtained my kindle copy of this book and started reading it and preparing for a 30 day abstinence period. So far this month, I’ve been doing much better with AF days.

I’m also on track with my commitment to do the 60 Day program The Master’s Hammer and Chisel (day 23 today).

Just in reading the beginning of this book I’m hopeful about it being a new tool to add to my tool box. I love Jack Canfield and already like how it’s laid out and how you also have the free access to the website with additional tools. Check it out

My biggest motivator in all of this is better health as I have laid out my year – 2016 – to be Fit by 50!!

I’m just about ready to start reading Day 1 and get a head start on this. I will post day to day about the book and how it is helping ME to achieve my goals.


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