A look at my TRUE Self…

Thanks Bizi for this reminder… because I’m feeling as good now as I did then… I had a bump in the road in 2015 with major stressors that made it so my weight went up and my AF days went down. 2016 will be a healthier year with more AF days again!

Lose 'da Booze


I took this pic of myself on Saturday March 15th, 2014… a day where I was feeling really GOOD about myself. There’s been this trend on Facebook about posting no makeup selfies… so I did this one… and then today, I posted it again and a friend told me ‘not fair – not a true selfie’ and I wondered why she would say that?!

In my own view and perspective – this is absolutely reflective of my natural self right now. Comfortable in my skin – despite my efforts to keep pushing to improve.

I managed to do 20 days AF and tonight I’m having drinks – even though I had committed to a full month AF… why? Well because it just felt right. It’s been an amazing month. I am having drinks tonight not because I’m stressed or trying to numb anything, but simply want to enjoy a few… I…

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One thought on “A look at my TRUE Self…

  1. Cherie says:

    Mine is an older pic of me too when my weight was down.

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