Day 18 – The Affirmation Solution

Take Two – I’m on day 17 but since today is May the 18th I decided to pick the book back up and refresh my memory. I’ll pick it up and start the exercises again as Day 19 will be new to me. Ironically – today was a close call to caving in before reaching my 30 days – cravings were really bad but I pushed through and happy to report I am still on track with my 30 day goal!!

Lose 'da Booze

quote-habits-of-thinking-need-not-be-forever-one-of-the-most-significant-findings-in-psychology-martin-seligman-58-94-41Today’s reading is something I’ve been practicing for years and it just reinforces that we need to practice continual repetition of the affirmations as though we’re where we want to be…

Affirmations for me after today’s lesson:

I am living a fulfilling balanced life where alcohol plays a very small role now.

I am attracting many wonderful new opportunities for growth and success in my business.

I am healthy – mind/body and soul.

The lesson is prompting me to pick up my Napoleon Hill book up to read it again (I never finished it the first time) – “Think and Grow Rich” … it’s part of my goals/intentions for continual development.

I know affirmations work because of where I am today – in a loving relationship with a wonderful man – moving into a new home and no longer worried about my financial situation for the first time … since…

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