After 30 Days… Back to Day 1

Following my 30 Day AF … I fell back into the old patterns and old habits so here I am tday affirming this below… 13507222_10153415036392563_5832215006420408831_n

I am ready to take the dive into a LONGER period of abstinence because the 30 days – while they were great and many positives came from it, it seems that I need more time to truly RESET my old habits. And so as it’s the first day of summer, I’m professing a ‘dry summer’… 74 days to my 50th Birthday and who knows… perhaps I may decide at that point that alcohol will not take part in my life as it did in the first half-century of my life.

I was reminded of the great supports and resources out there and found a new one too… and was re-inspired.

Last week was really tough on me mentally as I felt myself spiraling out of control again. And I’m so grateful to have made the decision to make today a new DAY 1 as my oldest reached out to me in crisis and I was ‘present’ for her.

Gone are the days where I use alcohol to supposedly help me cope with the stress – it only ends up bringing me more anxiety and guilt… and the problems that were there before remain. It’s time to learn NEW ways of managing my emotions, stressors and mostly since it’s summer – re-learn ways to have fun and be social without alcohol.

I’m going to keep going to my resources for support: HAMS, The 30 Day Sobriety Solution book by Jack Canfield, and this newest one (she’s a foody but she made the ‘decision‘ to let go of alcohol in her life and her story is the one who has me completely re-inspired that I can do this).

I’m going to dive back into what I’m truly passionate about and that is ‘healthy active living’ and inspiring others to live their best lives too. I am doing a 3 Day Refresh starting tomorrow. I’m going to get back to my workouts (after listening to Chalene’s amazing podcast tonight I’m pumped – have a listen – Motivation and Energy on Demand) – I’m pumped and ready to get myself back on track! No more sulking … and more acknowledging my blessings and just how far I have come.

2 thoughts on “After 30 Days… Back to Day 1

  1. ainsobriety says:

    I’m not sure you can reset addiction. It is much more than a habit.

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