HELLO Day 21!

14522779_10153631647697563_1255972120393661613_n“If you think you can do it, YOU CAN!” – it will officially be my 21st day at 8pm tonight and I’m feeling pretty GREAT! I shared my results from my ‘weight loss’ and workout journey that has been part of this effort too and was pleased with the 21 day results! You can visit/see those on my Facebook coach page.

I’m pumped – really … more than I’ve been in the past and instead of counting down the days to when I can drink again – I find myself gearing up for another ‘health’ challenge starting October 3rd and even counted out the days to bring me to 100 Days if I decide to push my goal even beyond the 50 days (that would bring me to December 16th).

I’ve done 30 days before and recall that I was really starting to crave and bite at the bit – anxious to have that drink again… but it feel different this time.

Is it because of my own pledge to follow my real true TRUTH in that my desire is to live a healthier life at 50 and beyond?! YES!! I have lived half of my life making promises to myself that I didn’t keep and it left me feeling like I was failing – but it has brought me to this point so I’m grateful for the Failing Forward process… because without failure there isn’t real success!

Every step along the way. Every trip and fall makes the VICTORY that much greater! I am on the train… I think I can … I think I can… I am … I CAN!! Using these powerful words every single day to affirm the ME that I Truly want to be!

I am sober, free, strong, determined, committed, passionate and HAPPY!


Being Social & Sober

screenshot_20160925-061146What a great quote and so ‘a propos’ for my update “It doesn’t really matter who you used to be, what matters is who you’ve become. I attended a party yesterday – it was a house party and it was an ‘adventurous’ on (adult party with dress up and some ‘baring’ it all). I was super nervous because it was something new we were trying out and normally that would have called for having a few drinks to ease the nerves. But I didn’t drink.

I won’t lie – it was different and a bit awkward for me – likely because of the nature of the party more than anything. Most of the people that were there were drinking – including my partner. He had six beers in the span of the time we were there and by the time we were leaving, he was slurring his words a bit and I didn’t like how he was talking (I find when he gets to that point, he becomes more negative and kind of annoying truthfully). I am thinking I need to talk to him about that because I want to continue my sobriety for the full 50 day commitment and perhaps even beyond. I had asked him to maybe cut back during the week at least – and he has maybe cut it out one day. I don’t mind when he has one or two – but too many and then he’s not so much fun to deal with when I’m sober. I also told him I don’t like the ‘beer breath’ so kissing is off when he decides to drink too.

So being social while being sober – it works if you’re not surrounded by people who are not overly intoxicated. I told the organizer (a friend of mine) who was asking how I liked the party and I replied “it’s great – but just very different for me because I’m sober and I normally wouldn’t be”.

Waking up today I feel very proud of the fact that I wasn’t even tempted to drink and strong in my resolve to stay sober. I’m looking forward to another productive day… and this weekend so far has been filled with positives including me being accepted on a council (committee) for something I’m really passionate about!

Being sober allows for more time to pursue my dreams! Being sober feels good – even though at times in social situations (for now) it may seem awkward. It’s definitely worth it!

Sober Time App

screenshot_20160922-084906Is this the tool that will help me push beyond previous goals?! Serioulsy LOVING it! The quotes that come up just speak to me in the moemnt they come up (they change every time I check in). So YES – the ‘best way to predict the future is to create it’ and that’s what I’m doing!

I’m focused and determined to hit my 50 days and even looking beyond at this point. I will reach my 50th day on October 26th but if I end October AF – then it’s like ‘Freedom 55’ Baby!

I am working hard on being in the moment so don’t want to dwell too much on the future either. What I can tell you is that right now, I’m feeling inspired and determined like never before!

I’m arming myself with supports and continuing with personal development on many levels to move beyond the ‘need’ for booze in my life.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thankful for some of the new followers on my blog (as I reciprocate and read about their journey). The beauty in this is that each of our journeys are unique – the success, the trials, trips, falls and best of all – the COMEBACKS!

I started this blog  years ago – and I’ve been repeatedly trying to improve things and I am – because each day I show up – better is better!

So here’s to TODAY! The Present! Make it an awesome one!


Next Goal – 21 Days

I made it through the first week and 10 days… focusing now on the 21 day target (they say it takes 21 days to change or form a new habit)…

I’ve made it through 2 weekends without any booze. And now I’m dealing with some homefront stuff – my bf reacting to stuff my ‘teen’ daughter is doing to irritate him (we just moved in with him Aug 27th and I knew there would be an adjustment period and it wouldn’t be easy). The challenge will be to deal with this SOBER and not use booze to numb out or dull the issue. It is what it is. We are communication and we both want to make this work – so hopefully that will be enough.

He continues to drink  around me and I don’t mind. He did skip yesterday so maybe he’ll cut back a bit too (although his drinking was never an issue and he only started about 10 years ago – never having drank before the age of 40 or so).

I’m setting up goals about 10 days at a time – so I may add one at the 40 day mark – recognizing that my largest stretch was in the low 30’s somewhere – so hitting 40 days will be great! And then the ultimate END goal of 50 days – at which point I will re-evaluate what I want to do with this relationship with alcohol…

If I want to stay sober mostly – with very occasional drinks for certain occasions. If I want to attempt moderation – 1 to 2 days a week (Fri/Sat) drinks. I guess we’ll see where I’m at with my health goals (as I am striving to lose weight too).

It’s a matter of what do I want most…


The Turning Point

Day 3 was when I started feeling better this time. The first couple of days are tricky at times – when the cravings are strong, but my WILL is stronger this time. I have a few things that are making me look at this differently now. ONE – I’m no longer living alone so I can’t hide this – and I’m affirming out loud even publicly on my Facebook about my desire to go 50 days AF for my 50th Year of Life.

I am still loving this app (Sober Time) and the cool quotes it gives me – even the alcohol goals which I didn’t discover until yesterday. There’s even a feature that shows you how much you saved based on how much you spent each day (while I didn’t spend daily I would at times go out every other day to get something from the liquor store).

My energy is back and I’m feeling better as I start to feel at ‘home’ in the new house. Slowly unpacking/organizing and maintaining healthier practices (including a 7 day Clean Eating Challenge).

Cravings and temptations are still there. On Friday night we had a campfire and I wanted some, but I told our neighbors of my intentions and he actually was quite impressed with my resolve. That felt really great!

So here’s to getting to my next goal and completing a CLEAN AF week!

Never Give Up

Screenshot_2016-09-08-07-45-20.pngHow ironic that this quote came up when I re-opened the App “Never give up, for that is just the place and time where the tide will turn”… I caved in with my partner yesterday – because I have been feeling so out of sorts with the move and trying to re-settle and re-identify with my ‘NEW’ life.

Today I go to a therapy session which I hope will help me in making this transition … to find some balance again and have some direction on next steps. So here we go again … Day 1.

Sober Time Has Begun…

screenshot_2016-09-07-09-23-42The 50th Birthday Celebrations are over… and I am now beginning my journey to 50 days Alcohol Free (or longer). I’m still undecided on the quit for good or just practice longer stretches of sobriety in between. One thing I DON’T want to do as I enter this next half century is making promises to myself and simply breaking them over and over again. So for now, for today and one day at a time – it’s Sober Time for me!

I was sharing with a friend who had a health scare related to alcohol an I guess when we are faced with a no choice option to quit – it’s even scarier but what if we made it like it was a NEW adventure to discover the really GOOD about leading a sober and happy life without the influence of alcohol or any other substance that makes us feel good.

I honestly want to discover life as it is – naturally. I am now moved in with my partner (I had been alone for 14 years). This in of itself is a HUGE change for me and I know it will take time to adjust to the new routine so why not make being AF part of the NEW routine?!

This is a lifestyle choice – be it working out, drinking or not, eating healthy or not… and our health is certainly something we should not take for granted. Right here and right now I’m feeling tired and overwhelmed with all that’s going on with the recent move and now having to unpack and organize. There’s also my daughter and the changes that this means for her being in the country versus somewhere she can get away on her own using public transportation.

With all that I have going on – it’s important to be clear headed and so Sober Time is ME time! Self-care at its best. I will continue to post/blog here related to this specific topic while I will post my health/fitness/coaching to my other venues. Keeping busy will be important if I am to succeed at this next goal – and I’m not stopping until I get there (as the affirmation states with the Sober Time App (great little app).