HELLO Day 21!

14522779_10153631647697563_1255972120393661613_n“If you think you can do it, YOU CAN!” – it will officially be my 21st day at 8pm tonight and I’m feeling pretty GREAT! I shared my results from my ‘weight loss’ and workout journey that has been part of this effort too and was pleased with the 21 day results! You can visit/see those on my Facebook coach page.

I’m pumped – really … more than I’ve been in the past and instead of counting down the days to when I can drink again – I find myself gearing up for another ‘health’ challenge starting October 3rd and even counted out the days to bring me to 100 Days if I decide to push my goal even beyond the 50 days (that would bring me to December 16th).

I’ve done 30 days before and recall that I was really starting to crave and bite at the bit – anxious to have that drink again… but it feel different this time.

Is it because of my own pledge to follow my real true TRUTH in that my desire is to live a healthier life at 50 and beyond?! YES!! I have lived half of my life making promises to myself that I didn’t keep and it left me feeling like I was failing – but it has brought me to this point so I’m grateful for the Failing Forward process… because without failure there isn’t real success!

Every step along the way. Every trip and fall makes the VICTORY that much greater! I am on the train… I think I can … I think I can… I am … I CAN!! Using these powerful words every single day to affirm the ME that I Truly want to be!

I am sober, free, strong, determined, committed, passionate and HAPPY!



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