No Looking Back


So I have 3 years worth of archived blogs and I have taken the time to re-read some and while there’s some great posts, I really started thinking that I don’t want to keep looking back because I really want to enjoy TODAY and all that the future holds.

There’s value in my blogs – of that I have no doubt and perhaps on some days, I may find something that I need to see again – but I’m going to FOCUS on the now and what is happening in the present.

The wonderful thing is that I have the experience behind me – so that it can help me today and perhaps can help others too as the group of 100 Days Lose ‘da Booze challengers  and the SparkPeople Cutting Down the Booze Team make it to THEIR goals!

It’s Day 3 of 100 (for those who started January 1st) and I shared with a friend via chat about how when I took that first drink after the 100 Days – on December 17th… how that drink honestly didn’t taste that great, yet I kept drinking. The pull that alcohol had on me lasted for the 2 week break I took – where I drank daily because I had this mindset ‘well if I’m going to have a drink and can’t mark it as an AF day – I may as well make it worthwhile’ so one drink is too many and ?? not enough… Which makes me ponder if this time, I may even go beyond the 100 days.

I can tell you starting over at Day 1 and going through the stages of sleep disturbance, and craving sugar or eating because I am craving ‘something’… while I allow it now because my main focus is to be AF – I don’t know that I want to keep repeating the cycle.

I’m thinking if I can keep going beyond the 100 days. And even after one month sober again – that I will focus on doing something else to improve my health. I explained to many that they should not take on too much at the beginning and allow some indulgences along the way – so long as it wasn’t giving in to drinks!

My workouts are still pretty consistent which is great (my muscles are aching from yesterday’s Chest and Triceps workout). The area that will be next on my list to tune up is nutrition. I don’t want to completely deprive myself and generally want to live by the 80/20 rule … but that can’t work when it comes to alcohol (for now) … so the next target will be to see how I can improve that area of my life…

But for now – it’s just ‘da booze… kicking it back out of my system, getting back to work (didn’t go today as we had a gas leak so had to stay home for the repair guys to come check it out and crappy freezing rain weather) and getting back to my volunteer stuff (BIG huge event this weekend which will have me hopping most of Saturday and Sunday so I won’t be online as much).

So no more wasting space in my head about past stuff relative to my alcohol issues and failed attempts at my previous 100 Day challenges dating back to 2013 – I have one WIN behind me in 2016 and going for the next one! GOALS for 2017 – be better than I was and do more to help others!



3 thoughts on “No Looking Back

  1. A wonderful post, Thank you I just posted in my blog today how I cant stop eating sweets, not wine for 3 days now. I guess I am

  2. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Its funny you wrote that. I looked back in my journal, wow. but it is a new day. I’m jittery. I have gabapentin to help me. Its only my second day. I’m still eating kind of normally, but healthier. Love your blogs.

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