This Journey is UNIQUE to Each of Us!

36fe4e81cff31cb9589fe61be1b55a3bThis journey is unique to each of us – I just read a blog by Sarah Roberts and this particular phrase stood out for me…
“When we treat our bodies well, we feel well. And when we feel well, our entire outlook on life improves and we are less vulnerable to slipping back into destructive habits. We start slow; not fast. We begin by creating awareness and taking steps to improve our health, one moment, one day, one week at a time.”
Her journey is her own – and some of the practices and boundaries she has set work for her but don’t for me (like I still go in liquor stores and still have alcohol in my home and I have a man in my life who drinks and so on)…
I don’t know yet if I’ll be sober for longer than 100 days this time or if I’ll allow myself some drinks while on vacation in Hawaii… none of that matters except how I feel TODAY and the actions I’m taking.
So please… don’t compare yourself to anyone else because while we have much in common, each of our journeys are very unique! What works for one person may not work for another in terms of what tool or resource works… so keep seeking out what speaks to you! I’m so grateful to all of you … if you want to read her blog that I took this phrase from here’s the link (she also is starting a kick the sugar program which may be of interest to you):

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