Weekend #8 – 2nd 100 Day Challenge

bitmoji37853757Feeling pretty awesome today – as we enter into our 8th weekend on this 100 Day Challenge. Not even a tingling or incling of any cravings on this Friday – but rather the anticipation of having more time to do healthy things!

It’s amazing how your outlook on things change when you take a break from ‘da booze. And it’s also amazing how you still find there’s not enough time to do all you’re inspired to do (well that’s at least the case for me).

I can’t believe the amount of time I wasted – drinking while sitting on the couch and often cancelling out on plans so I could keep drinking and just plain avoiding LIFE. WHY?! It was a vicious cycle – I would drink and then I’d want to withdraw more. I was using alcohol to cope but it was bringing about other issues for me… including problems in my relationships, missed work, missed opportunities, weight gain, high blood pressure, anxiety… and I could go on.

Looking ahead to this weekend – I’m excited about getting home to get another workout in. I’m excited about being able to drive at any time – spontaneously and without a care as I will not be drinking. Tomorrow we go pick up my daugther’s new pet rabbit. That will be awesome for her and for me (to see her happy again as she lost her first one on Jan 4th).

My partner is going away to camp so I have alone time – YASSSS – I do love it because I can do what I want without guilt or fear that he may feel neglected. It means I can do some food prep and more organizing.

So what are your plans this weekend? I’d love to hear… Will you be making Healthy Choices?! Yes or No?



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