Weekend #9 – 2nd 100 Day Challenge

bitmoji298953140Hello Weekend NINE!! Can you believe it?! Honestly – this 2nd 100 day Challenge is even better than my first in terms of how my mindset is changing and how I am kind of gearing it up another level!

I’ve pretty much put into practice some consistent healthier routines – with  my morning waking before any alarms go off – having now figured out and accepted that my chronotype is that of a Lion – after taking this amazing quiz I recommend you check out The Power of When Quiz

The early hours are mine – I’m up alone and I check in with my daily affirmations, check my business, our group posts and prepare my own posts to hopefully inspire others as my goal is to serve and help others reach THEIR goals and best life!

One of the things that I’ve realized needs some tuning up was my FOCUS – so I picked up this great book (very quick read) and sharing with you here the cover and wrap up. Interestingly – it speaks to how if we organize our lives better, that we won’t be seeking as many ‘distractions’ … aka in our case ‘da booze… and it’s so true!!


I also had an ‘online reading’ from a local psychic and medium – I purchased the “Year in Review” to just get a confirmation of where I’m going (I believe in this but respect that others don’t so take from it what you will).

She said things that were in line with what I am doing and gave me ideas and pointers of where to keep going. She confirmed what I know to be true… that I LOVE connecting with people and most of all, I love to be of service and to help!

My goal now is to figure out how to put myself out there even more. Perhaps fine tune my marketing and web page. She told me that this was my NEW mantra and it really does speak to me… I am a list maker and do-er but I have learned to also be fluid and flexible. When shit happens – shit happens… but it doesn’t mean my goals go to shit either. I’m going to continue listening to my intuition. I’m going to practice meditation more regularly. And I’m going to reach my GOALS… Day 63 or this current 100+ Day Challenge for me! Make it a great day!! And don’t forget … if your plans don’t work out exactly as you envisioned – it’s not the end of the world. Go with the flow… and all will be well!


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